Trick Your Trap

Take Your Shelter to the Next Level

Finding the right shelter is an important first step in achieving your ideal ice fishing setup – but it's only a small part of the equation. To take your setup to the next level, you need to find the right accessories and add-on items that can take any day on the ice from humdrum to unforgettable.

Look no further than Clam's versatile collection of ice fishing accessories, designed and developed to help anglers create the custom ice fishing setup that's perfect for them. For those looking to trick their trap, the items below are a great place to start.

Travel Covers

Protect your shelter from the elements and keep it from filling with snow and ice! If you plan to do a lot of running and gunning by pulling your shelter by sled or ATV, a travel cover will increase the life of your equipment and protect everything in your shelter tub.

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Runner Kit

Our runner kit is designed to increased the life of your sled by protecting it from snow and ice, in addition to reducing friction and drag for a smooth pull for all anglers – whether towing by hand or by vehicle.

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Corner Console

Bring convenience to your shelter with the Corner Console, made for easy-access storage of your phone, drinks, tackle, and any other items you'd like to keep close at hand whenever you're on the ice.

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Battery Bracket

Powering all the electronics in your shelter while keeping cords out of the way can be an uphill battle. The Clam Battery Bracket helps keep your battery off the ground by mounting it to your sled at all times.

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Bait Well

Designed to mount onto all Clam Fish Traps, the Bait Well is the ultimate way to safely store minnows without the threat of spillage, thanks to its gasket-lined screw-top lid.

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Seat Covers

Bring some added comfort and padding to your shelter with Deluxe Seat Covers, made to help you endure hours on the ice with minimal aches or soreness.

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Sled Organizers

By quickly and easily attaching the Sled Organizer to your sled, you can secure propane tanks, rods, tackle, jig boxes, and more, all within arm's reach.

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Rod Holders

Store multiple rods on your shelter tub to help you switch combos anytime, quickly and easily.

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Spreader Pole Storage System

Safely secure your spreader poles during shelter transportation with this storage system, designed to prevent damage to poles caused by friction with ice or other gear.

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ClamLock Accessories

There is a large variety of ClamLock accessories available that are perfect for attaching to the tub of your Fish Trap! These accessories can easily be swapped out for other ClamLock accessories by sliding on and off the puck system. Accessories in the ClamLock line include rod holders, a cooler bag, rattle reel, and more!

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