IceArmor By Clam

Stay Warm, Dry, and Comfortable from Head to Toe

Winter in the frozen north can be harsh and unforgiving, which is why we've engineered the most advanced ice fishing apparel in the industry. IceArmor by Clam is designed to combine maximum warmth and breathability for lasting comfort, even after days on the ice.

With cutting-edge features and battle-tested performance, we've got everything from suits and head and hand to foot and base layer gear to help you withstand anything the sub-freezing temps might throw your way.



Built with extreme temperatures and conditions in mind, our suits come with varying levels of fixed insulation and removable liner options to help you choose the right setup for your next trip onto the ice.

Float and Non-Float Options

While never in the plans, an ice breakthrough is always a risk anytime you're on the ice – and our suits help make sure you're prepared. The IceArmor by Clam lineup features both float and non-float options to best suit your needs.

Weatherproof Fabric

IceArmor by Clam is engineered with a patent-pending system of layered fabric and insulation designed specifically to keep your body heat in while keeping cold and water out.


Breathability to allow body vapors and sweat to escape is a must for any ice suit, and IceArmor by Clam delivers. All of our suits are trusted for their breathability to ensure you never feel wet or clammy throughout your day on the ice.

Adjustable Inseam

A unique feature not found in most other ice suits, our bibs are designed to let you roll up the cuff of the pant leg and secure with Velcro to ensure you never walk on the bottom cuff of your bibs again.

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Head and Hand

Gloves and Mitts

Keep your hands and fingers warm in subzero temps with our gloves and mitts designed for any outdoor winter activity.


Not a fan of gloves or mitts? Make sure there's always a hand warmer nearby with the Delta Muff, designed for lasting warmth and performance.

Hats and Facemasks

Heat escapes fastest through the head in cold conditions, so make sure yours is covered and protected with our collection of hats and facemasks made to withstand even the harshest winter days.

Neck Gaiters

The neck is an often-neglected area of exposed skin that can make a massive difference in your overall warmth. Ensure no skin goes uncovered with our warm and comfortable neck gaiters.

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Foot and Base Layer

Sub-Zero X Boots

Don't let cold, wet feet ruin a great day on the ice with the Sub-Zero X Boots. This 100% waterproof boot is rated to -40°F and features a removable wool lining for added warmth and comfort.

Sub-Zero Base Layer

With moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable, this base layer is the ultimate heat-retaining garment that also ensures you don't turn into a heavy, sweaty mess.


Socks are critical in keeping feet warm during the cold winters. IceArmor by Clam offers a variety of socks that are meant to be layered together to help control moisture while keeping your feet warm and comfortable on even the coldest days.

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