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The Original Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shelter

Clam Shelter Clam Shelter

Created over 40 years ago by the Godfather of Ice Fishing, Dave Genz, the Clam Fish Trap has since been known industry-wide as the original portable ice fishing shelter. Initially designed to provide anglers with a way to stay warm, comfortable, and mobile while on the ice, the Fish Trap still delivers on each of these promises with every new model produced today.

Many advancements have been made over the years to improve on the original, and Clam continues to find ways to innovate with every new edition of these iconic shelters. Recently, Clam redesigned multiple models of the Fish Trap with the new XT design, featuring an improved door system that allows for easier entry, more headroom, and overall easier use.

XT Door Systems

Clam engineers have developed the XT door system available on Fish Traps models, allowing for easier entry and additional height and head room on shelters of all sizes.

Tough Denier Fabrics

We use the toughest denier fabrics on the ice to ensure heat retention and minimal condensation with our Thermal Trap Technology. In addition to reducing condensation, our thermal skins also keep heat inside the shelter, reducing the amount of propane needed.

Durable Tubs

We manufacture our tubs to withstand extreme conditions and heavy-duty use. Some of our shelters are even produced with an extruded light gray interior, making it much easier for anglers to locate gear and tackle.

Strong Poles and Brackets

Our American-made one-piece hoop pole design offers better support with no sharp edges to wear on fabric. And our double-sided bracket helps keep them in place. Proven in extreme conditions, our heavy-duty poles are key to the durability and stability of our ice fishing shelters.

Built for Anglers on the Move

All our Fish Traps are built with the angler in mind. With our Rapid Pole Slide Extreme (RSPX) Pole Systems, anglers can perform setup and takedown in a matter of seconds before heading to their next fishing spot.

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