Clam Pro Tackle

Innovative Tackle That Simply Catches Fish

The Clam Pro Tackle lineup features jigs, spoons, and a variety of other lures designed to help you catch more fish. That's it. With everything from tungsten jigs and the popular Tikka Mino to our Frost Ice line and Gaff Treble Hooks, we've got a new secret weapon waiting to be added to every ice angler's tackle box.

Jigs and Spoons

Continued Innovation

Our team works hard to continue innovating new tackle that not only looks good but that also catches fish beneath the ice or in open water. There's always something new in our collection for ice anglers to try, so stay tuned from one season to the next to keep your tackle box up to date.

The Tungsten Difference

Our 98% pure tungsten jigs have better sensitivity than the competition, allowing you to feel rocks, structure, and bites while experiencing a faster drop with a smaller profile than lead. Overall, our tungsten jigs produce a better hookup ratio than the rest.

Unique Design

Together with our Pro Staff, we work to produce lures with unique designs that offer better action, more lifelike movement, and improved sonar "ping" when used under electronics.

Environmentally Friendly

With high-grade materials like tungsten in our jigs and zinc alloy in our spoons, we are reducing the amount of lead used in our tackle lineup – and we are proud to stand apart as an eco-friendly tackle brand.

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Frost Ice Fishing Line

Mono, Fluoro, & Braid

The Frost Ice premium fishing line is available in monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid line options, allowing you to choose the line that best suits your fishing style.

Metered Line

The metered Frost Ice line alternates between color and clear about every meter, allowing you to tie bait on a clear section for a stealthier presentation while still having a high-vis section at the hole for better bite detection.

Abrasion Resistance

Manufactured by Sunline, Frost Ice is a premium line with superior abrasion resistance needed to withstand rubbing line against and around the ice hole.

Less Line Coiling

Frost Ice line has a low spool "memory" compared to other line, resulting in less coiling of line to give you a straighter off-the-spool presentation and more hookups.

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Other Clam Pro Tackle

Gaff Hooks

Ice anglers often use Gaff treble hooks to replace dull hooks, add a different look, or change hook sizes to larger or smaller. These small adjustments can go a long way toward catching more fish all season long.

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Maki Plastics

Maki Plastics are famous for their lifelike movement that matches aquatic creatures panfish love to feed on. Using a hand-poured method, Maki Plastics are unmatched in softness and underwater action.

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Silkie Jig Trailer

Another innovation by Clam Pro Tackle, the Silkie gives anglers a completely new option for jig trailers. Utilizing a patent-pending silk thread technology, the Silkie provides movement like nothing else.

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