Drill Clean, Fish-Ready Holes Quickly and Easily

Augers are an absolute must-have on any ice fishing adventure, and we've made sure ours can help you quickly and easily drill holes in the ice anywhere you want to drop your line.

Our augers are perfect for drilling holes inside shelters and ice houses or right out on the open ice, with no gas needed to help you avoid messy transportation or smelly fumes.

No Gas

Our electric augers are convenient and easy to use, offering huge advantages to anglers who prefer to avoid fumes and the mixing or transportation of gasoline while out on the ice.

Clam Conversion Kit/Drill Plate

Arguably one of the most innovative ice products of the past decade, the Auger Conversion Kit lets you turn a household cordless drill into an ice hole-drilling machine. By using battery power, the Clam Conversion Kit makes drilling holes simple and easy without dealing with loud noise, smelly gas, and augers that won't start.

Power Drive

Take your drilling power to the next level with the Power Drive accessory, engineered to enhance the power and torque of augers that use cordless drills while also extending drill life.

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