Jeff Andersen

Growing up in Northern Minnesota Jeff Andersen’s passion for fishing started as a child with a father who took him fishing. That passion grew when, at the age of 15, Jeff got his first job as a floor minnow/tackle salesman at a small bait and tackle shop in Bemidji, MN. Jeff was known as the young kid that could sell any lure to anyone who walked into the bait shop.
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That passion has grown throughout a successful career in the fishing industry. Jeff is partners with one of the top Fishing Guide Groups in the state of Minnesota,,partners with a rising media group,,partners with one of the top tackle companies for freshwater fish with teeth,,partners with a growing promotional outlet,,one of the main promotional members at the largest ice fishing organization in the world,,and a top member at www.IceTeam.comalong with host and co-producer of the Television series, Across the Ice Belt with Ice Team, top of all this Jeff is a tournament champion angler!

Jeff is known as an angler that is willing to never give up and go that extra mile to put giant fish in the boat. When talking to Jeff you will find that passion is what drives his ability to find success in everything he touches.

“We are not afraid to do things wrong as long as we are willing to what it takes to get things right!” Jeff Andersen

Trey’s First 50

Before my son Trey tells the story of his first 50 inch musky, a little background is necessary. Trey is 12 years old, and to say he has a passion for fishing would be an understatement.

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