Jean-Paul Tessier

As I look back at my uphill battle from small town Int’l Falls Minnesota, to signing my first professional contract with the Pittsburg Penguin’s; my father’s words echo today in my mind as if they were being shouted in “Double Echo Bay” on Lake of the Woods
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7 years ago I returned home to pursue another childhood dream of fishing for a living, and this small town kid was being told that Walleyes are the only way to make a living on Lake of the Woods. With one of the world’s best Muskie fisheries at my fingertips, the next adventure is sure to be one that dreams are made of. The Muskies are not fished they are hunted. You may see them, but it doesn’t mean they will bite. I’m on a journey to be the best Muskie fisherman I can become, and maybe, just maybe, the dream of being a world class Muskie guide and fisherman is not far fetched…I have faith!

The last few years I’ve had the pleasure of guiding out of the Big Thumb Angle Outpost on Oak Island. We have over 14,000 islands surround us, but most importantly, I’m surrounded by an outstanding group of guides/great friends. After we guide all day, we head back out and explore new territory every evening. You must explore new areas to find new fish.

I recently told an old friend from my hockey years that my new hockey is Muskie fishing…he responded with, “watch out Muskies”.


I spend hours upon hours scouting before the season opened. I always leave the first two days of the season for myself so that I can tag out before I begin guiding. Tagging out first lets me focus on my clients and give them the attention they need.

A Chance To Teach

One of the greatest things about being a full-time fishing guide is when I get to teach new and prospective anglers. The NH Fish and Games’ Great Bay Discovery Center was recently awarded a grant by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

A Chance To Learn

In my first blog, A Chance to Teach, I told of a fantastic opportunity I had to teach about striped bass kayak fishing. As a full-time hunting and fishing guide, I am often viewed as the teacher, and for the most part that’s true.

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