Jason Hamilton - Manitoba

The life of a Canadian guide

As the seasons change so does the gear and the quarry. It seems just as ice fishing is drawing to an end thoughts of open water, snow free bush trails and new country replace giant walleye on hardwater.

Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan

The same adage holds true for a number of fish species in the spring. Growing up I’d heard it about brook trout and now it seems walleye have caught on. When the birch leaves are the size of a mouses ear is a good time to get bit by fish and it seems like

A whirlwind Northern Saskatchewan

A whirlwind of activity that brought an island in northern Saskatchewan from a winter haven for a few hardy squirrels and a pine marten to a bustling community of 60 people in a couple of weeks.

Shore Lunch

One of the great traditions of any Canadian fishing lodge is the mid day break and shore lunch. A great time to stretch the legs, take in the surroundings have a cocktail and perhaps catch a quick nap in the shade.