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Q: I can’t seem to find my seat hammock when setting up my Fish Trap shelter. Did I not receive one?

The hammock is actually a tent material (just like the tent of your Fish Trap) and it is stored inside the same bag as your Fish Trap tent. Please look inside that same bag and you will find the hammock.

Q: I have lost the owner’s manual for my shelter. Where can I get another one?

There are owner’s manuals available online. Click Here

Q: The zipper on my shelter freezes up and/or sticks. Is there anything I can use to help prevent this from happening?

• Zipper Lube is one brand, often found in the camping section of sporting goods stores. This is a gel applied to the zipper.
• There are also a few silicone sprays that may be used to lubricate the zipper.

Q: What will help keep mice or rodents from eating the tent of my Clam shelter?

We recommend that you keep your tent in a sealed plastic tote with laundry dryer sheets or moth balls. If the shelter is stored in a barn or shed, take the tent off the house and store it in a rodent-free environment such as in your home.

Q: Would it be best to completely dry out my shelter after every time it gets used?

It is recommended that your tent be dried out completely after each use. If it is not dried out, moisture may cause some damage to the shelter. This is especially important if the shelter is to be stored for a long period of time.

Q: I can see pin holes of light through the fabric of my tent. What can be done?

IceArmor by Clam fabric is a woven material and these pin holes are part of the thread that the coating did not attach to. Also, sometimes pinholes appear along seams and are simply where the stitching is pulling the fabric. In either case this has no effect on the function of the fabric and is simply an appearance issue.

Q: There are cracks on the inside finish of the fabric of my shelter. Is this normal? Can anything be done to fix this?

It is normal for some of the dark colored coating to come off the inside of the tent. Over time, as you set up and take down the shelter, the dark coating can begin to flake off, especially along the folds in the fabric when the shelter is collapsed. This does not affect the function of the fabric. If you feel that too much light is now entering your shelter in the places where some of the coating has come off, you may wish to apply a new layer of rubberized coating. A product you may use for this is PlastiDip (black), available in an aerosol spray. This is available at many hardware or home improvement stores.

Q: Will my fish house leak because I see pin holes in the fabric?

While the fabric of the tents on the shelters is water resistant it is not waterproof, so some water from rain or melting snow may come through your tent. It is good to have small holes in the fabric to allow vapors inside the shelter to escape.

Q: Will using a heater help to eliminate or reduce water vapor and condensation in my shelter?

No. A byproduct of burning propane is water. A bigger heater will produce more water vapor. Also, the colder the temperature the more condensation there will be inside the shelter.

Q: Are tent patch kits available for my Clam ice fishing shelter?

Yes, patch kits are available for a wide range of shelters, and may be purchased from our online store here

Q: How do I apply the patch material?

When applying a patch it works best to spray some adhesive (we recommend using 3M #77 or 3M #90 spray adhesive) on to both surfaces—the part of the tent where the patch is going to be applied and the patch itself. Wait until the adhesive begins to dry and becomes tacky, then place the patch on the tent, and they will stick together. (Note: Care should be taken to apply the patch evenly and smoothly, since wrinkles or uneven areas will be very difficult to correct once the two surfaces with the adhesive have come into contact with each other.)

Q: Is there anything that can be applied to the outside of the tent to prevent water from coming through?

There are products that can be applied to the outside of a tent that will make it make it more water repellent, such as Kiwi Camp Dry.

Q: Can I buy replacement hubs and poles for my pop-up shelter?

Yes, pole kits (includes 1 hub and 4 or 6 fiberglass poles depending on kit) can be ordered from our on-line store. Click Here

Q: I would like to purchase an ice fishing shelter. Can I purchase it from Clam Outdoors and get it directly from the warehouse?

Yes! Shelters and accessories can be purchased directly through our website. Otherwise, please check the Locate a Dealer feature on our website to find a dealer in your area.

Q: How can I find a retailer for Clam ice fishing products in my area?

Simply use the convenient online Locate a Dealer to show a list of retail outlets in your area.

Q: What is the Ice Team and what do they do?

Ice team is the world’s largest ice fishing organization. It is owned by Clam Corporation. Ice Team’s mission is to educate existing ice anglers, recruit new ice anglers, and promote the best tools on the ice. Please visit Ice Team for more information.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! Our website allows for shipping to Canada, or we will take phone orders for any item or parts required to maintain a shelter (tents, poles, parts, patch material, etc.) We will charge for the product plus the actual shipping charges. It will be the customer’s responsibility to pay all the importing costs (duties, taxes, etc.) at the time the goods are delivered.

Q: Will I receive a better price buying directly from Clam Outdoors, the manufacturer?

We encourage you to buy from a dealer in your area for the best pricing. Prices on the website or phone orders are at full retail price. We do not price match and will not undercut the retail stores that carry our products. However, our dealers do not carry replacement parts and may not carry all of our accessories and logo wear. Those items are available to you on our website.

Q: What if I want a product that is not listed or I cannot find on your website?

Please contact us via email at with your request. Please include your contact information as well as a detailed description of what you are looking for and we will contact you.


Q: Can replacement poles be purchased for my Jason Mitchell Ice Shelter?

Replacement poles can be purchased online here

Q: I have lost the owner’s manual for my shelter. Where can I get another one?

There are owner’s manuals available online here

Q: The zipper on my shelter freezes up and/or sticks. Is there anything I can use to help prevent this from happening?

  • Zipper Lube is one brand, often found in the camping section of sporting goods stores. This is a gel applied to the zipper.
  • There are also a few silicone sprays that may be used to lubricate the zipper.


Q: How is the Polar Trailer frame and tub constructed?

The Polar Trailer frame is constructed of 11 gauge “square tube” steel and not fabricated. The entire frame is uniquely assembled with just six bolts. The Polar Trailer tub is constructed from “High Impact” Polyethylene to ensure that it won’t rust, corrode or break. It is the strongest of any tow-behind utility trailer manufacturer in the industry.

Q: What is the Quick Release Tipper Latch? (Does not apply to the Cub Cart and Utility Cart)

The Tipper Latch is the mechanism that releases the trailer when dumping cargo. We weld our tipper latch to the steel frame, eliminating the chance of the trailer dumping by accident when hauling heavy loads over rugged terrain or up an incline.

Q: How does the side wall support work on your HD1200 and HD1500 trailers?

Steel sidewall supports run up both sides of the trailer tub adding extra strength. Heavy objects can be laid across the trailer without fear of collapsing the sidewalls. When hauling sand, dirt or rock, the supported sidewalls keep the tub from bowing out which could cause excessive wear on the tub and tires.

Q: How much ground clearance does my Polar Trailer have? (Does not apply to the Utility Cart and Cub Cart)

Polar Trailer’s innovative Pass-Through Axle allows 12 inches of ground clearance. This meets or exceeds the ground clearance of most ATVs and UTVs on the market.

Q: How does the tilt & swivel trailer bed help my Polar Trailer perform? (Does not apply to the Utility Cart and Cub Cart)

The trailer bed both dumps and swivels side-to-side allowing you to dump your payload wherever you choose.

Q: How does the shape of the tub help my Polar Trailer perform?

Our LT800, HD1200 and HD1500 Trailer beds are designed with a raised nose and tail for added hauling capacity and easy side loading.

Q: Are the Polar Trailers clean-dumping?

The Polar Trailers do not clean-dump. The angle of the trailer tubs while dumping are not steep enough to make for a clean dump. However, the tub dumping angle is enough for convenient unloading of the trailer.

Q: Can I purchase inner tubes for my older Polar Trailer?

Previously sold trailers had 4-ply rubber with inner tubes with an angled stem. We do have inner tubes available for purchase here

*Our current tires for the HD1200 and HD1500 trailers are tubeless with shielded bearing.

Q: Do I have “Caged roller” bearing tires or “Shielded” bearing tires on my HD1200/HD1500 Trailer?

Caged Roller Bearing tires will have grease zerks and require greasing (also came with dust caps)

Shielded Bearings do not have grease zerks and do not require greasing

Q: Can I purchase caged roller bearing for my older Polar Trailer (HD1200 / HD1500 Trailer)?

Yes, Caged Roller Bearing kits (#108264) are available for purchase here.

Q: Can I purchase Shielded Bearings for my Polar Trailer (HD1200 / HD1500)?

Yes, Shielded Ball Bearings are available for purchase here and Shielded Ball Bearings (with Black V-Clip) are available for purchase here

Q: Can I order replacement tires for my HD1200 and/or HD1500 Trailer?

Yes, you can order replacement tire assemblies at our on-line store here

Q: Can I use my Polar Trailer for road or highway hauling?

Polar Trailers are designed exclusively for off-road hauling, and NOT as a highway trailer. Your trailer can be towed behind a variety of tow vehicles, including lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs or small tractors.

Q: Can I have my order shipped anywhere?

We currently ship only within the contiguous 48 states. Please see our Locate a Dealer map.

Q: Why are the dust caps missing from my Polar Trailer?

Our shielded bearing tires are not designed with dust caps (Dust Caps will only fit on our older style caged bearing style tire).

Q: Can I purchase Accessories for my Polar Trailer?

Yes…Polar Trailer Accessories

Q: Will the cargo cover fit over my side racks?

Yes. Covers can be ordered on our on-line store here

Q: Will the side racks fit on all older models of HD1200 and HD1500 trailers?

No. Because of a slight design change, our side racks will only fit on HD1200 and HD 1500 trailers made after 2007.


Q: My Screen tent is inside out

When setting up your screen tent – be sure to find the top roof panel (which is solid tent material and has the Clam Logo), spread out the roof panel so that it lays flat on the ground, then go around and pop up the sides and pop up the roof last.

When taking down your screen tent, be sure to collapse the two door support poles. 
Collapse the sides first and the roof last.

Q: Do you sell screen tent patch kits?

These can be purchased on our Clam Parts store page. The kit consists of 2 – 8” x 8” screens and 2 -8” x 8” tent pieces. We recommend using 3M #77 or 3M #90 Spray Adhesive (not included in kit).

Q: Some of the seams are leaking on my Clam Screen Tent

Clam screen tents have rolled and taped seams in the roof area and also coated fabric to increase water resistance. For any tents, it is encouraged to use a seam sealer of some type to assist in additional water resistance in the seam area. The seam sealer product we have tested and recommend is Gear Aid Seam Grip (this is an excellent product that won both the Guides Choice and Editor’s Choice Awards) Gear Aid can be purchased at most Camping and Sporting Goods Stores.

Q: Can I purchase replacement poles for my screen tent?

Yes, we sell Hub/Pole Kits which include the center hub and fiberglass poles. Either side wall kits or roof pole kits are available for purchase on the Clam Parts store.