About Bigtooth


Bigtooth is more than just a tackle company, it’s a lifestyle. Our staff, pros and the men and women that use our baits all belong to a culture. One where we will not settle for anything less than premium tackle for muskies and giant pike.


Bigtooth Tackle products are designed with one goal in mind — to help you catch more fish. The Bigtooth brand of tackle was born from guys that live and breathe muskie and big pike fishing. And it was that passion that has driven the quality of the brand. As anglers, we know what works. So we created a line of baits that are the results of detailed design, quality engineering, and on-the-water testing.


We’ve built our foundation by teaching our customers the lifestyle of big fish angling. It’s not just about the fish catch but about the hours of studying the lake maps, or pulling up to a rock on Lake of the Woods and not catching a fish, then coming back because you know one lives there. Or even a lost giant that eventually will make you appreciate the next giant that hits the net. We want our customers to have confidence that each Bigtooth product is built for the hardcore angler in you and will be along every up and down of the chase.


Whether you use Bigtooth through the ice or open water, you are part of a passionate group of anglers who love to chase giant toothy creatures. Welcome to the Bigtooth Family.

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