Clam Partners with Legendary Outdoor Communicator John Gillespie

Nov. 4, 2016

For over 25 years, legendary journalist and communicator John Gillespie has engaged and inspired outdoorsmen and women throughout the Midwest. And now he’s partnered with Clam Outdoors, and we couldn’t be happier.


“For many years I’ve admired the durability and construction of the Clam shelters,” notes Gillespie. “The clothing, head and hand gear are second to none and I can’t wait to be using them on the ice this year. I was drawn to Clam because it’s clear that everyone here is an outdoors enthusiast and that’s an important element when you are trying to manufacture quality products for outdoorsmen and women. I’m also excited to get on the ice and fish with Dave Genz, who I’ve admired for 30 years. I might just learn a few things too,” explains Gillespie.

“We’re beyond excited to be partnering with John and welcome him to the Clam Family,” notes Dan Stefanich, Director of Marketing at Clam Outdoors. “John is truly an outdoor icon throughout the Midwest, especially in Wisconsin. Like many of my fellow hunters and fishermen, I’ve been watching him for years on Waters and Woods TV in the Chicago market. We’re going to have a great time this year with John.

One thing that separates John from other is the fact he runs 52 new shows a year, and typically his shows air 10 days from the time of filming. So his fans are constantly getting new and fresh content. In fact, Gillespie has filmed and produced 1,312 consecutive shows without a rerun. I’m not sure how many outdoor shows can say that? So, we could say John Gillespie is another Clam Blue X Factor. Catch Waters and Woods on cable televisions this fall and winter.  Get show, networks and details as well as past episodes at

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