Confidence is the biggest factor

image54Confidence is the biggest factor in any decision we make as musky anglers! When you have confidence in a bait or a fishing spot, magical things start to happen!
In my eyes, one of the biggest decisions faced when musky fishing is what to use rather than where to fish! You can be overwhelmed and not know what to throw.
For me it's not hard to choose because I have confidence in my Bigtooth tackle Juice "Honey Bear". After two hard straight days of fishing the juice, I was rewarded with 4 really nice Muskies in the boat and numerous chances at more. The combination of vibration and presentation as the Juice comes to life in the water is key! The bead combination, quality blades, and the best hand-tied marabou, is what makes the Bigtooth tackle Juice bucktail a must-have in any and all situations!

Mark Stock Jr
Coon rapids, Minnesota
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