The life of a Canadian guide

Jason Hamilton

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my blog for Clam Outdoors. What you will get here is some hopefully interesting stories and photos from someone making a living in guiding fishing and hunting in the middle part of Canada. As the seasons change so does the gear and the quarry. It seems just as ice fishing is drawing to an end thoughts of open water, snow free bush trails and new country replace giant walleye on hardwater.

Living this sort of lifestyle leaves little in the way of “days off” there are times you get to work less but you are more or less on 7 days a week, always working towards something hunting, fishing, business, advertising, accounting, customer relations. Its the dream job.

Spring for me this year meant and new house in Saskatchewan as a home base for spring and fall pursuits so moving and renos were apart of the mix early. Responsibilities associated with Scott Lake Lodge, start ramping up around the time ice fishing season shuts down, which keeps the phone close at hand making sure all the necessities are in place for our staff to roll out a first rate product.

Keeping with an annual tradition, I went on a 2 week solo Steelhead trip which covered around 6000km. A great venture of living the fishbum lifestyle, sleeping in the truck, couch surfing and chasing steel on the rivers I grew up on, plus the family is there which is a bonus. Late snowpack and cold waters were the name of the game but nonetheless there were fish in the systems. Fishing mostly solo I take no photos of these fish, holding a great reverence for wild Lake Superior steelhead. These are the rivers and fish that formed me as an angler.

Returning to Saskatchewan, spring bear hunting was around the corner and baiting needed to get going. Scouting for bear and future deer while hauling barrels or goodness into the boreal forest is a blast. Like anything outdoors there are enough hiccups to keep things interesting.

Follow along this spring and summer for topics that will include seriously the ice still isn’t out up north and the lodge opens in a couple days, bear hunting in SK, the runnings of a northern fishing lodge, pike, trout grayling and whitefish and the rest of the flora and fauna that makes up the 60th parallel in Canada’s centre. Hope you enjoy.

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