Tim Moore

The insanity of spring turkey season has begun. I have been in full-blown “burn the candle at both ends” mode trying to get ready, and then working through the numerous turkey hunting clients that booked for this season. I spend hours upon hours scouting before the season opened. I always leave the first two days of the season for myself so that I can tag out before I begin guiding. Tagging out first lets me focus on my clients and give them the attention and effort they have come to expect, without worrying about myself.

The season opened and I had several turkeys patterned pretty well. I was in the Clam Elite Hunter ground blind an hour before legal shooting on opening day and ready to go. The excitement of opening day is like Christmas, especially when I’ve done my homework and I feel prepared. I hunt in very populated areas so the potential to run into other hunters is high, actually expected. Sure enough, about ten minutes prior to legal shooting time another hunter walked by my blind and decoys, and set up about 70 yards down range of me. After getting that squared away so that everyone was safe I was back in the blind and waiting.

About an hour after legal shooting I heard two gobbles and within minutes I could hear a tom beside the blind spitting and drumming. He walked right into my decoy setup. I took aim, squeezed the trigger, and watched him fly away. To keep a long story short, I was hunting with my Dad’s old shotgun and it turns out there were parts missing that were causing the gun to malfunction. I quick repair job had me back in the blind at O’dark thirty the next morning. I adjusted my setup slightly figuring that if the same tom came in again, he wouldn’t suspect the same as the day before. I watched a hen appear around 7am and seconds later the same tom from the day before was right behind her. He walked into my decoy setup again, but this time I didn’t miss. With my tag filled I was able to put all my efforts into my clients’ success.

That hunt kicked off several days in a row of waking up at 3am to guide clients from all over New England for their shot at a New Hampshire eastern gobbler. Day one resulted in a disappointing miss, but Doug from Massachusetts was fortunate enough to harvest his first turkey ever. He was grateful to have the Elite Hunter Ground Blind since his turkey came in from the side and hung up for what seemed like an eternity. The blind allowed him to get turned for a clean 30 yard shot. This bird was well educated and took its sweet time. The end result of our concealment, patience, and some aggressive calls were Doug’s 20 pound turkey. A few more turkey clients this week and I have a slight break for some fishing before getting back at it during the last week of our season.

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