Shore Lunch

Jason Hamilton

One of the great traditions of any Canadian fishing lodge is the mid day break and shore lunch. A great time to stretch the legs, take in the surroundings have a cocktail and perhaps catch a quick nap in the shade. The guides at Scott Lake Lodge are veterns in this time-honored tradition. Experienced cooks over the open fire can make the shore lunch the highlight of the day. A little friendly competition among the crew drives the development of many new recipes. The arsenal seen here is impressive, from the standard beer batter and crispy pike to exotics like a ginger-garlic black bean bake and almond pike flambé. No one has every left shore lunch hungry and often there are some heads bobbing in the boat in the afternoon.

Guests and guides aren’t the only shore lunch regulars. This year, along with the perennial gulls, it has been common for a bear to visit and in some cases interrupt the proceedings.

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