Life is either a great adventure or nothing

Barb Carey

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing” Helen Keller

The only thing better than going on great adventures, is taking someone with you and sharing it with them. I have had that feeling; my eyes open wide, my heart beats faster, my breathing changes and I can feel my face flush.  It’s a rush, an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, and it is quite addicting.

In recent years, adventure has exploded. Adventure sports are becoming very popular and it seems that each week, new videos show people, triple flipping off of buildings, bungee jumping off of bridges or flying in the air above water with jet packs on their feet. Even the reality TV shows push people to extremes and each new show trying to out do the next.

There are some people that only watch adventures on TV or social media, and there are others that are living a life of adventure. It seems as if once you get out there and do something, you can’t wait for the rush of the next time you experience a thrill. It doesn’t have to be for the young or super fit. There is an adventure for everyone, no matter what your physical condition  or limitations are.

Fishing is like that. The feeling you get when a fish smashes your bait and you are reeling in a big fish. It is a rush, its exciting, and you can’t wait to feel it again. The need for adrenaline rushes in a persons life is real. Having healthy ways to get that rush is important.  Sometimes you have to push your self to make that first step. It is much easier to join in on some adventure if you have someone to go with. Having the support of a good friend or a club can really make a difference.

There is a nation wide resource group called the League of Adventurous Women. It is a place where all sorts of clubs and adventure groups can register so other women can find them.  Organizations that are active in activities such as rock climbing, sky diving, cycling, archery, and of course fishing, can be found on the web site. They have many ideas listed on the web site if you are not sure what the possibilities are. Go to the web site and see what is available in your state.

In July they are having a Try Something New Challenge.  The challenge is to pick an adventure from your bucket list and get out there and do it. Then post a picture or video of it and share it through social media and tag ( #TSNC@TheLoAW). Prizes are being awarded. Challenge a friend to do it with you. Share this article with someone you think could use some adventure in their lives.  Lucille Ball once said, “ I’d rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I haven’t.”

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