Fish for Walleye Year Round

Barb Carey

One of the great things about fishing in Wisconsin is that you can fish for Walleye year round. Some lakes and rivers that are part of some river systems remain open. The Wisconsin River, Wolf, the Fox, and a few others provide excellent spring Walleye fishing. Anglers wait for ice out and are launching their boats before all the ice has floated away. Trophy fish are found in the mouths of the rivers than run into the Bay of Green Bay. If you can time it when the fish are returning from spawning and coming back to Green Bay, it can be a great bite. Casting jigs and plastics make it a fun fight and fish up to 30 inches can be caught.

I take an annual trip to the Wolf River and find the wild and undeveloped area a great place to fish.  The sound of Cranes, and various other wild birds make a great backdrop for vertical jigging for Walleye. The Wolf River Rig was perfected there and shore fishing opportunities are plentiful. Red Banks Resort in Fremont, WI has several shore fishing piers that produce just as many fish as if you were in a boat. Right after the Walleye bite slows, the White Bass bite gets hot and heavy. It can become a sea of boats as the easy to catch and fun fighting White Bass bring crowds in from around the area. It's a great place to takes kids as it is a fairly easy fish to catch. On a recent trip, I caught Walleyes and White Bass right from the docks at Red Banks. Walleye has no size limit and you can keep five. My biggest one that day was 24 inches long. Casting the Wolf River rig tipped with an Emerald shiner and bouncing it back is the technique that the locals have perfected. Red Banks Resort rents cabins and sells all the bait and tackle you will need. It is definitely worth the trip.

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