Last week every time I put my Crestliner in the water, it was raining. EVERY DAY! Our morning temps were hanging around the 32-35 degree mark so it was a cold rain. (Like there is such a thing as warm rain at 8300 feet) In these temps I wear my ice armor gear, its warmer and waterproof. We would fish each day till time ran out or on occasion a lightning storm would chase us off.

Right before a storm came through we started casting lures across a point. Charlie made a long cast, after the lure hit the water his line kept spooling up towards the clouds. Just before he got spooled he shut his bail. After reeling in all that line, all the guys were getting shocked by their rods. We quickly sat down and ran to a steep bluff to wait out that micro burst.

On another day I had 2 clients and it was a steady downpour all morning.  One of the guys did not bring rain pants. I offered to run to my house and grab a pair of bibs but he would rather get out there sooner. ( I live 1 mile from the launch) The day went on and he was shivering pretty badly. I asked him if he would want to run back for dry clothes, he said, “no thanks I would rather fish”. He could not focus on what was going on below the water and either missed a bunch of bites or could not control his jig and did not get the bites. His buddy did pretty well that day.

I guess the point of this blog is safety and comfort. We go fishing to relax, have, learn something new each time out and catch fish. Sometimes it’s safer to sit on the side lines. Other times its better to delay the trip while we get the proper gear.

It looks like the rainy weather has left us for a while and the sun is coming out. In about a month I will be begging for rain again but for now, I am very happy to see the sun.

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