A couple weeks ago I was able to take a vacation. A couple friends of mine and I jumped in the truck and left the state. I did not do any planning or researching for the trip. (That was a big mistake)

When I drove into Laramie Wyoming to get my fishing license, I found out the shops only take cash for all permits. (Lesson # one, get the necessary permits online). After a short walk to a ATM we had our licenses but hen found out we needed to get our boat inspected for aquatic nuisance species. This took us a short drive out of town to a port of entry. The very helpful inspector let me know since my boat was already tagged and I had a receipt, I did not need to drive out of my way. I only needed to stop if an inspection station was open on my way to the lake.

We left home planning on getting to the lake late saturday night, and an early sunday morning start time. We started fishing at first light working around some trees looking for larger walleye. The fishing was pretty good then around 7 am we heard a dull roar that turned into 100 or more boats starting a tournament. We did our best to stay out of the way of the competitors and by doing so we did find some new spots to fish.

The past few years I have fished soft plastics exclusively for walleye and planned on doing the same on this trip. The larger fish were eating “Gulp” minnows but we could not catch many eaters, so we had to run into town and get some leeches. (Did I mention there was a walleye tournament going on). After a couple stops we finally found a pound of leeches.

The rest of the week was awesome, pitching jigs for walleye and catching about every thing that swims in the lake. We fished hard, laughed harder and thoroughly enjoyed a week with old friends. I am planning another road trip to a different state in a few weeks, this time I will be prepared for their way of doing things.

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