Kirby Budrow

Muskies are not just a fish, they are a way of life. They consume your thoughts, every day. I've been consumed with the chase since I was a child. These fish make you think differently. No one can understand until they've been bitten. It's been my goal to figure out these fish as deeply as one can. I feel I've found my place on the water with such an amazing fish!
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A Forester with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and muskie guide from Northern Minnesota, Kirby Budrow makes muskie dreams come true, one 50 incher at a time. He specializes in teaching folks how to catch giants day or night, and offers affordable muskie guide trips in northern and central Minnesota. Kirby says, "it only takes one bite to change your life, so never give up"!

Trey’s First 50

Before my son Trey tells the story of his first 50 inch musky, a little background is necessary. Trey is 12 years old, and to say he has a passion for fishing would be an understatement.

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