About Bigtooth

It’s our promise to you that Bigtooth Tackle products are designed with one goal in mind; to help you catch more fish!  Our focus on TEAM is what separates us from the rest. Success starts with the correct process and our TEAM starts in the field, then to the research and development, and then to your tackle box.  We don’t succeed without detailed execution in every step to the process!  

We have built our foundation by teaching our customers the lifestyle of these two phrases; “Love The Chase” and “Dream Large”!  What’s this mean?  It’s not just about the fish catch but about the hours of studying the lake maps, or pulling up to a rock on Lake of the Woods not catching a fish then coming back because you know one lives there, or even a lost giant that eventually will make you appreciate the next giant that hits the net.  We want you the customer to have confidence that each Bigtooth product is built for the hardcore angler in you and will be along every ups and downs of the chase.

Bigtooth Tackle started because of failed tackle in the field many years ago. Although we might not be perfect it’s our goal to always put quality and innovation first.  

If you use Bigtooth you are part of our TEAM and we would like to welcome you to the Bigtooth Family!
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