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Dave Genz

Dave Genz

Rarely is a true pioneer fully appreciated in his time. But the captain of Team True Blue, because he so thoroughly changed the way all of us fish through the ice, has been recognized for his vision and accomplishments while he is still adding to them. He is the first to point out that friends have contributed support and ideas along the way. But the clear leader of the movement that modernized ice fishing is Dave Genz.

Dave Genz

A short list of Dave’s most important contributions to modern ice fishing:

  • Creator of the Winter Fishing System, an overall approach to ice fishing that revolutionized the sport. It was Genz who started talking about mobility, efficiency, the importance of having a plan, and more.

  • Developer of modern ice gear, including…

  • Fish Trap, the first instant setup portable shelter.

  • Ice Box, now known as the Genz Box, along with a system for adapting Vexilar flashers for use in ice fishing.

  • The concept of ice-specific jigs that “fish heavy for their size,” enhancing efficiency and visibility on depthfinders. You will recognize Lindy baits bearing his name and input, including Genz Worm, Genz Bug, Fat Boy and others.

  • Spearheaded development of short rods that “fish like long rods in miniature.”

  • Developer of Down Viewing method, using underwater cameras, for ice fishing.

  • Additional accomplishments:

  • Member of Silver-medal winning Team USA in 1992 World Ice Fishing Championships.

  • Inducted into Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2002.

  • He is the most widely traveled and experienced ice angler in the history of the sport. Genz has fished extensively all across the Ice Belt, giving him the perspective to help anglers everywhere enjoy more success.