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Clam Corporation Ice Fishing

Fish Trap

It all started in Dave Genz's garage with the design and construction of a portable fishing shelter to meet the needs of Dave's mobile style of ice fishing. Now, the Fish Trap is the top selling style of flip-style shelter. Loaded with features and decked out with accessories, there are 13 different models of Fish Traps to choose from.  Thanks Dave!

Ice fishermen are tough. There’s no way around it. Drilling through a frozen sheet of ice and shrugging off the coldest temperatures on the Continent tends to do that to you. Snow, ice, slush, wind-chill and cold water might be essential ingredients to the game but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up to them. Wise is the ice angler who utilizes the best gear, fishing the harshest of conditions, and still managing a smile with each fish caught. Wise is the one who uses Clam ice-fishing shelters and gear. It is good to be tough, but it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort. At Clam, we haven’t sacrificed anything in putting together the most comfortable, easy to use, innovative and mobile equipment on the market today. Clam is the leading supplier of portable ice fishing shelters, a tradition we fully intend to continue. We take pride in providing ice fisherman with the most innovative products on the market. This year, we’ve really put together a great lineup.

- One Person Shelters

- Two Person Shelters

- Four Person Shelters